dental implants

  1. G

    NYC/Nassau County GPRs that let you place implants

    Hey all, I'm looking into GPRs now in the Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Nassau County areas, and I'm looking for one that allows PGY-1s to place 15+ implants over the course of the year. I hear the VA allows this, but I'm hoping to find multiple options. I know what the GPRs advertise, but...
  2. S

    Guided Implant Surgery- Experiences, Preferences

    I have only used Invivo/Anatomage in the past, and am mostly satisfied with the outcomes. I'm looking to expand familiarity with other systems and planning software. Would like some advice or opinions from those with first hand experience using various systems. Thanks in advance. What is...
  3. Zentist007

    Can Dental Students write scholarly yet practical articles?

    Are you a dental student who also likes writing CREATIVE blogs/articles to current or trending issues in the dentistry? The web is full of boring messages that current dental patients have hard time connecting with...only new generation can change it. Some topics could be: Affordability...
  4. J

    Very interesting article about all on 4 treatment

    Dsolutions clinic, recently published an interesting article on the topic entitled All-On-4 Dental Implants Costs in Mexico Typically, the average All-On-4 dental implants using our methods costs approx. $25K. This price has not changed in 5 years and was set in accordance with All-On-4...