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    Please, please, please don't go to NYU

    I'm getting concerned that clients and readers are telling me there's a staggering level of inaccurate statements being thrown around by one of the biggest dental schools out there, NYU. Here's the truth, if you go to NYU, unless you have parental or spousal assistance or some kind of major...
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    Avoid Grad Plus loans in these circumstances

    Might be worth looking at alternatives to your Grad Plus loans that the dental schools will offer you to pay for tuition this year. You're probably going to have to figure out financial aid in July and August if you're a rising D1, and I wanted to bring up something that could save you...
  3. Panis et Circenses

    A Video Explaining Why College (DENTAL SCHOOL, I’M LOOKING AT YOU) Is So Expensive

    This video was aimed at undergraduate degree seekers, but the same principles of why school is so expensive apply to dental school. There are a few differences between what the video says about undergrad and dental school, including the following: Dental school prepares you for a job (unlike a...
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    Here's What Dental School Could Cost for the Class of 2021

    Summary -About 10% of grads in 2021 could owe over $600,000 at graduation -About 1 in 3 could owe over $500,000 -About 50% could owe over $400,000 -About 80% could owe over $300,000 These numbers assume that everyone attending a public state school is an in state student and qualifies for...
  5. T00thFa1ry

    Non-traditional pre-dental course path, 3.22 gpa

    Hi! I'm on the verge of finishing all of my remaining prerequisites to apply to dental school. The only classes left are organic chemistry 2 and biochemistry. My grades from physics and organic chemistry 1 aren't in yet, but I've been between a low A and a high B in both classes. Right now, my...
  6. Panis et Circenses

    The Most Ridiculously Expensive Dental Schools Thread

    I wanted to start a thread to help people estimate the total cost of attendance dental schools (tuition, fees, living costs, and interest included). I have uploaded a excel file where you can easily estimate the cost of a school you are interested in. Feel free to add your calculations for a...