dental school rankings

  1. Bisbenzimide

    Dental School Ranking and Puerto Rico

    Does anyone have a "good" list with the dental school rankings? The ones I've found have some variance or don't list all of them. Also, I will be applying this cycle and wanted to hear people's opinions on Puerto Rico School of Dentistry. If it's cheap, and accredited by the ADA, why don't more...
  2. D

    University of Detroit Mercy Dental School vs. West Virginia Dental School vs. Midwestern-Il Dental?

    Its hard finding information on school reputations..whether or not a school is good...which schools are better than others..so, I was wondering if anyone knew how to find dental school rankings (although i heard there aren't any). Has anyone heard of these schools, and what have you heard about...
  3. Azide047

    Admission to most competitive dental school

    I applied to 15 schools and want to know my chances of getting interviews at the following dental schools: Harvard, Penn, Columbia, Michigan, UNC, UCLA, UCSF, UConn, Case Western, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia-Augusta, Texas A&M (Baylor), U-Wash, Tufts Here are my stats: GPAs according to ADEA...
  4. D

    Compilation of Dental School Rankings

    It seems to be a fairly popular topic here on the Pre-Dental forums of SDN, and it was of interest to me when I started researching dental schools, so I decided to gather as many sites with rankings as I could find that looked objective and reasonably credible, and then consolidate the data...