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  1. T


    Hey tooth-lovers— I wanted your honest opinion on what dental specialty has the best lifestyle to income ratio out of ENDO, PEDO, ORTHO, and OMFS. This factors in income as a specialist, time with family during specialty training and after, and the foreseeable future of the program. So let’s...
  2. D

    Specializing worth it?

    I'm interested in pursuing cosmetic dentistry with a focus on certain procedures of each different speciality (Such as implants, gum surgery, bonding, dentures, crowns, porcelain veneers and etc.). When I get out of school, I plan on working as an associate for 1-2 years while taking CE and...
  3. 8

    Periodontic Residencies

    Hello everyone! I am a 3rd year dental student at UPenn and I am considering doing a periodontics residency. I love all aspects of dentistry, but after shadowing Oral Surgeons, Endodontists, Periodontists and Prosthodontists, I have found a special interest in Periodontics. I have a 3.78 GPA...
  4. Mr.Scalpel

    How well do these dental schools do in terms of specializing (OMFS)?

    Let me start by saying that I am aware of the implications of specializing and that I understand that you CAN specialize from ANY school and people do it all the time and that it depends almost exclusively on you and your hard work and dedication to your future goals. Also, In terms of applying...