dental tutor

  1. Zentist007

    Can Dental Students write scholarly yet practical articles?

    Are you a dental student who also likes writing CREATIVE blogs/articles to current or trending issues in the dentistry? The web is full of boring messages that current dental patients have hard time connecting with...only new generation can change it. Some topics could be: Affordability...
  2. C

    Dental Hygiene prep for Dental School? pls help

    Hi! I was a Dentistry student in the Philippines. 3rd year out of 6 years. I was granted permanent residency here in Canada. I wanted to go back and finish my Dentistry but the education system is VERY different and I know that it would be very difficult for me if I finish there. So now I'm...
  3. D

    Dental school/science tutor wanted

    Hi, I am currently a D1 in a chicago dental school and am looking for a tutor. My two subjects are basic sciences (histology, biochem, etc), and teeth morphology. Id prefer someone who can teach me both, but even one of the subjects will do. I can meet in Chicago or do online sessions. Please...