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    Dental student applying to medical school

    Hi all, Long story short, I am a dental student who will be applying to medical school (MD) this upcoming cycle after much deliberation. Dentistry no longer serves my interests as I am very interested in the biomedical sciences, and want to focus on healthcare outside of just the oral cavity...
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    Dental student considering the switch to medical school

    Hi all! Just wanted some opinions here. I currently go to a dental school who shares the exact same curriculum as the medical school during the first year. In undergrad, although I was very interested in medical school, I decided against it due to multiple disgruntled doctors who told me to...
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    Last Semester

    So i am graduating this spring with a BS in Psy. I have finished all the pre-reqs and taken upper science courses such as Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2, Microbiology and Biochem. Should i bother taking Immunology my last semester? The courses i will be taking is my last psy class, a drawing...
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    If You Had to Do It Again

    Hi everyone! I just finished my freshman year of college. Im interested to know what you all wish you could change about the way you approached being a pre-dent and what you could do over again if given a second opportunity to begin as a freshman again. Also, what do you advise me to be doing...
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    How to explain to patient that you have done a carious exposure ?

    Hi there, I just had a young patient who has multiple deep carious teeth. She had pain before but not feeling any pain at the moment when I saw her. I tried to take pain history but she could not remember the type of pain and the rest of the information was quite vague. I should have done...