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May 2, 2015
Hi all,

Long story short, I am a dental student who will be applying to medical school (MD) this upcoming cycle after much deliberation. Dentistry no longer serves my interests as I am very interested in the biomedical sciences, and want to focus on healthcare outside of just the oral cavity.

I had a 3.8 undergrad GPA, 3.9 science GPA and will be taking the MCAT next February (so tbd). I had two years of transplant research in undergrad, was a leader of a healthcare public service organization, clocked quite a bit of volunteer hours, and was a phlebotomy tech that worked in inpatient and outpatient hospitals for two years. However, my major concern is that committees will automatically reject my application when they see I am currently a professional student at a different school. I'm not sure what I can do (besides shadowing) to solidify my interest in the field. I also would love advice on what I could possibly do to strengthen my application between now and next application cycle as a non-traditional applicant.
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