1. HealthNombreUno

    Having Doubts....

    New here so please excuse any mistakes. I've been wanting to go to medical school for almost my entire life. I just love healthcare in general. Recently I've been having doubts about medical school because I can't handle stress that well and I'm afraid I won't be happy working so much. I was...
  2. N


    Hello, I took the DAT recently in September Orgo: 19 chem: 22 BIO: 15 ( I know..i know... :( ) PAT: 15 (I know.... :( ) Math: 16 Reading: 18 AA: 18 Science Average: 17 GPA: 3.3 i understand these scores arent that well off, and that i do need to take the DAT again. i am currently studying...
  3. N

    Finding a online partner for NBDE 1

    Hi everyone, I am new in this forum, and I will like to find a online partner for starting to studying for de NBDE part 1. I am from Venezuela, but I am now in Connecticut, I will stay a few month here. Thank you so much!!