1. J

    BARRY Biomedical Sciences (MS) FALL 2018

    Hello, i just got accepted to barry's Biomedical Sciences (MS) program for fall 2018. Wanted to get some input on those who are currently in the program. How is it? I am doing the one year track, i know its going to be rigorous so i wanted some input...also looking to see who else will be...
  2. pikaboo

    Oral radiology

    Hey guys, my college has a very tough oral radiology course and I want to know what is the best textbook for oral radiology?
  3. A


    I will be taking my DAT in about 7 weeks. I have gone through Chad's videos for the Chemistry portions and have the DAT Bootcamp.Do I need the DAT Destroyer? Or Chad's videos and the explanations on the Bootcamp will be enough? Please help!