dentistry vs medicine

  1. M

    Is oversaturation of dentistry a serious concern?

    I have been accepted to dental school for this upcoming fall. I've always heard of the concept of oversaturation in dentistry but I didn't think of it as being a big deal that would cause any drastic changes to the point where I'd have to take it as factor to make my desicion to pursue the field...
  2. S

    Happiness in Dentistry

    Hi! I'm currently a junior in college, and I have been set on the field of dentistry for some time now. However, I still feel the allure of pursuing surgery or internal medicine, and I was hoping someone on here could help me figure out if I am in dentistry for the right reasons. I love...
  3. FLVettrain

    Dentistry is how long?

    Hello, how long does dentistry take to complete? Tuition estimate? What about for Cosmetic dentistry? Like working on peoples teeth? What about to work as an Orthodontist Assistant?
  4. DentistryInMyFuture

    Advice Needed: Dental or Medical School?

    So heres my dilema. I can honestly say I love both Medicine and Dentistry. I have been actively working on my Dental School application for the application process this June and thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do (General Dentistry but do alittle bit of everything: fillings, crowns...
  5. J

    Unusual Dental Fields - Please help

    I am currently a third year dental student and I am having a very, very hard time liking the field of dentistry. I applied to medical school in college and was rejected by all the schools I applied to after doing terrible on the MCAT. I studied for roughly 600 hours for the MCAT and did so...
  6. B

    Dentistry Vs Medicine

    All my life I have wanted to be a physician. I just graduated college, and I am currently in the application process for medical school. I have a decent MCAT, great GPA, and excellent extracurricular activities. I applied late this cycle, took my MCAT on August 6th, so I will not be surprised if...