1. G

    Dermatopathology Fellowship Applications 2024-2025

    Please share any information you have regarding dermpath fellowship applications/interviews for positions starting in 2024 Here's what I've heard so far: Cedars-Sinai - filled Stanford - filled Arkansas - filled USF - filled Moffitt/USF - filled U Texas HSC Anderson - filled Colorado - not...
  2. I

    Can path-trained dermatopathologists function as dermatologists as well?

    Let's say a pathologist went on to do a dermatopathology fellowship, could said dermatopathologist function as a dermatologist as well? For example, could they do their own biopsies, skin cancer screenings, get patient interaction, etc.?
  3. G

    pathologists doing MOHS

    I have been reading this forum long enough and I am perplexed at a lot of issues I see and hear about in path. As the title suggests, I think it's odd that plastics can do a dermatopath fellowship and we are unable to do MOHS fellowship. I am aware that 1) it deals with live patients 2) it is a...
  4. P

    Dermpath Boards Studying

    Anyone recently taken the DP subspecialty boards care to weigh in on advice for studying? Books used? Courses? Was it harder than you thought or easier? Advice appreciated!
  5. H

    Dermpath Fellowship Interviews 2020-21

    UPMC sending out interviews Indiana University filled Feel free to update any new information
  6. NuclearDust

    State Billing Laws - Important when looking for a job?

    Before too long it will be time to look for a job. Does it make much of a difference in terms of what to expect for a compensation package / partnership salary when comparing either general pathology practices or subspecialty practices in states that are Direct Billing states (no client billing)...
  7. NuclearDust

    Dermpath Trained (now what): Dermpath only or General Practice?

    Looking for advice/thoughts/perspective from anyone out there on the topic of decisiding on a practice setting after fellowship training in dermpath. Background: I am an AP/CP resident that will be completing Dermpath training at a large academic institution. I generally like all of pathology...