1. H

    Dermpath Fellowship Interviews 2020-21

    UPMC sending out interviews Indiana University filled Feel free to update any new information
  2. NuclearDust

    Building a outreach client base - what happens if you leave a group?

    Okay so no one take this the wrong way, but I have a question about building an outreach client base in a physician-owned private practice general path group that has never taken interest in advertising or building anything to speak of in terms of outreach clients. If I were to put a lot of...
  3. NuclearDust

    Dermpath Trained (now what): Dermpath only or General Practice?

    Looking for advice/thoughts/perspective from anyone out there on the topic of decisiding on a practice setting after fellowship training in dermpath. Background: I am an AP/CP resident that will be completing Dermpath training at a large academic institution. I generally like all of pathology...