1. DoctorDean

    Hello SDN! Starting a new med school and want to hear your opinions!

    Getting out of the gate on our new school and making lots of plans and designing our curriculum, building, support structures, etc. I'd really love to have input from aspirational MD/DO students and residents about what you would love in a new school that would make it more attractive to you and...
  2. L

    Communication in anesthesia

    Hey all, We're three design students in Umeå, Sweden and we're working on a design project for a company that makes equipment for anesthesia. We have visited several operations (in total over 20 operations in our class). One interesting area we want to explore is the communication between...
  3. xkc9126x

    Any Design majors in Dental School?

    Hi, trying to reach out and see if there are any design majors (communications design/web design/graphic design/animation/architecture .... etc) that got into Dental School for advice for prospective applicants? Wasn't really sure if I was suppose to put this thread in Pre-Dental, but I want...