1. B

    DAT Destroyer- Bio+Gen Chem???

    Hey guys I am currently going over DAT Destroyer, and I would like to know how you guys study for it. I go over about 2o bio questions a day, take notes and watch extra videos for question I find confusing to really understand the topic, so far it has been working out well for me. However, it...
  2. bentley13

    3 Week Study Schedule (upon requests)

    A few people have requested to see my 3-week study schedule since I posted my breakdown . I scored a 25AA, 24TS, and 25PAT. I had 21 days of studying and 3 days of rest. Two of my rest days are not...
  3. C

    destroyer chem 185

    An unknown metal of 50g is intially at 100C and dropped into a beaker of 200g of water at 30;C. The final temperature of the system is 40C. Find the specific heat of the metal if the specific heat of water is 4.2 J/g ;C. Answer: 2.8 J/g ˚C Heat lost by metal = Heat gained by H2O m c...