1. Alemo

    Classifying Psychiatric Illness

    Hi all, Random musings of a soon-to-be graduating resident. I'm wondering what everyone's thoughts are on disease classification and nosology. Obviously, there is great (patient and Pharma) demand for new therapies for "existing" illnesses as defined in DSM-5, and a lot of financial and...
  2. D

    Differential Diagnosis in Neurology

    I am looking for books or materials that would list out a differential diagnosis based on individual symptoms and signs...much like "Fenichel's Clinical Pediatric Neurology:A Signs and Symptoms Approach" I already am aware of Bradley's and Victor Adams any other recommendations?
  3. _expecto__

    pericarditis vs heart infraction diagnosis

    Apart from the EKG, which is the best way to differentiate those two obviously, i've recently have seen a patient with pericarditis and he apparently felt more comfortable while sitting and leaning forward then laying down in bed, actually he didn't let us lay him down. On the other hand patient...
  4. M

    why bloods in lymphoma only useful for prognosis not diagnosis

    Hi, I have been taught that lymphoma cannot be picked up via blood tests, blood tests rather are used for prognosis, and tissue biopsy is required for diagnosis. However why is this, as lymphoma is a proliferation of lymphocytes, shouldn't this show up as lymphocytosis in the complete blood...
  5. Mason91

    AD(H)D diagnosis help

  6. G

    Best specialty for someone interested in diagnosis

    Hi M1 here. We recently had a chance to diagnose standardized patients. This was the first time they had let us workup a patient and turn it into a diagnosis. I found it really exciting and realized that this is why I wanted to do medical school. What are the best specialties or fields for...