distance learning

  1. G

    Orgo 2 Distance Learning

    Hello, I'm applying next year, but have completed my undergrad degree in 2014. I'm looking to take Orgo 2, but distance learning as I'm currently employed full-time. I have already taken the lab in college, but need the lecture. Does anyone know of any programs in the Spring that offer this...
  2. S

    MPH Online / Distance MPH - Quality over Cost?

    I'm looking at applying to online/distance MPH programs for Summer or Fall '17. I've chosen the online format due to the inability to quit working for two years to go to school, and due to the fact that I'm quite disciplined and excel at working independently. I have an undergraduate degree in...
  3. SFcareerchangepreOT

    General Admissions & OTCAS Great resource for online prerequisites

    I wish I had found this a few months ago. Samuel Merritt posts a great list of reliable distance learning (online) college classes to meet their requirements... and the classes will likely meet requirements of other universities as well. Just thought I'd share :-)...