MPH Online / Distance MPH - Quality over Cost?

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May 21, 2012
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I'm looking at applying to online/distance MPH programs for Summer or Fall '17. I've chosen the online format due to the inability to quit working for two years to go to school, and due to the fact that I'm quite disciplined and excel at working independently.

I have an undergraduate degree in Medical Laboratory Science, with 4 years of healthcare experience and a lot of community service and clinical leadership experience. My undergraduate GPA was 3.95. I haven't taken the GRE yet.

I believe I (hopefully) have the stats to be a competitive applicant at most places I apply, so my question is this...since I'm going to be attending online classes, is a high-cost, top-tier public health program worth the high price tag? I'll mostly be funding the degree myself, with minimal ($2,5000/yr) help from my employer. I'd prefer not to graduate with a lot of debt, but if getting an MPH from Johns Hopkins or GWU would give me a significant edge, I'd live with it.

I'm looking to either work in hospital administration or program development for a state or local public health department.

Also, random question...does anyone know of any dual MPH/MBA or MPH/MHA degrees offered online? I've researched but can't seem to find any.

Thanks so much!!

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