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    Au. D to Nurse Practitioner?

    I love learning about Audiology and I’m currently a graduate student in the field. However, I know I want to do more upon graduating. I am highly interested in doing a Nurse Practitioner program after graduating. There are several reasons for this, but mostly, I love the medical field and the...
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    Starting NP School Soon

    Anybody have any tips? I'm going to go through a full-time program at a reputable university for a DNP-FNP degree. I'm a bit nervous about the academic rigor which is involved with such a program, seeing that it would be my first time dealing with graduate level coursework.
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    DO vs DNP - Advice / Real Life Experiences? Career Change

    Hi everyone, I've been a longtime lurker ... finally posting. My big career leap idea started when I turned 30 (perhaps a few years before that, too) ... I had, for years, been in the business world and finally listened to that little voice in my head that said: "no, you belong in medicine!"...
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    Advise on NP route

    Hello, I am graduating in 2 years with a BSN. My career goal is to be a Family Nurse Practitioner. I need advice on which route to choose. The Options: A: Doing BSN to DNP program part-time while working as a nurse. B: Working as a nurse for 2 years then applying to a BSN to DNP program C...
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    PA school?

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for some insight and advice from PA's/NP's/MD/DO's. I graduated with my BSN in August and have been working as an RN since December (not very long!). I've realized that nursing is not for me, and that I should have stuck to pre-med instead of changing majors in...
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    post-bacc for a new nurse?

    So I wanted to further my education regardless and a DNP program is 4 years and the same cost as most medical schools. That being said from what I've seen I prefer the medical model (which lots of nps do, but doctor's have more specialization options + more autonomy) and just find it more...