doctors in training

  1. BlueBee20

    boards resources - ovewhelmed

    hello all - looking for advice! i've just begun second year and all anyone talks about anymore is BOARDS. please help me decide what to throw my cash at as far as resources go! i understand UFAPS is where it's at. i will be getting UWORLD 6 months, i have first aid, i plan to get sketchy, and...
  2. S

    Selling DIT Step 1

    $600 OBO
  3. gimv

    Doctors In Training Part 2 Assessments

    Has anyone done these? What is the format, NBME-ish, 7 blocks, etc? Here is a screenshot of my homepage, I don't know if they might be new to DIT 2017. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. GandhiArnold

    For Sale ~ Doctors In Training Step 2 CK 2017 ~

    I purchased the Doctors in Training (DIT) 2017 Step 2 CK course but have decided to go a different direction and need to sell it. I have not started the program yet (it's not available to start yet). It's normally $799, but I'm asking $550 OBO. Thanks. David
  5. L

    Couldn't find classifieds. Selling DIT step 2 ck book & online account

    Selling DIT step 2 book CK 2016 (brand new still in wrapper) with my online account (access to videos that go with workbook). Asking 500$ (costs 800$ from them). Lots of friends very happy with DIT. Please inbox me if interested. Thank you! Ps I couldn't find the special section to sell things...
  6. J

    For Sale Doctors in Training Step 2 CK Review Course

    I have an unused USMLE Step 2 CK 2016 Review Course for sale! My school bought these for us but I do not intend on using it because I retain close to nothing from lecture-style/auditory learning. This product runs for $799 and I am selling it for $500. PM me for more details if you are...
  7. A

    DIT 2015

    New 2015 Doctors in Training Video Lecture Series for the USMLE Step 1 This is the newest complete course, including all Primer and Review lectures, as well as all workbooks. Contact me at: step1helper AT gmail DOT com [email protected] - Anne