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  1. D

    LMU-DCOM's DO/MBA program

    Hi! Just wanted to some input about LMU-DCOM's DO/MBA program for any current or past students. I have heard that having a MBA makes you a more competitive applicant for residency. But is the actual degree useful when practicing medicine? Aside from opening up your own clinic/running a business...
  2. C

    Using MDSSP while pursuing a combined degree

    Hi, I am currently a pre-med student looking into combined degree programs. I am looking at MD/MBA or MD/MHA, but for this question, the combination of degrees is largely irrelevant. I am also an Army National Guard Soldier and a ROTC cadet signed to the GRFD contract. I am looking at...
  3. D.O. OMM boob

    DO/MBA joint and FM/OMM vs NMM/OMM for residency

    I hope to be accepted to and complete a 5 year DO/MBA joint program. I want to do this so that after my residency (either FM/OMM or NMM/OMM) I can open up a private practice confidently and start performing OMT on patients. FM/OMM is a total of 4 years (1 year internship) while NMM/OMM is a...