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    Dat done!! 8/31

    Here are my breakdowns: PA: 21 QR: 18 RC: 25 Bio: 21 Chem: 24 Ochem: 24 TS: 22 AA: 22 Study Materials: DAT Destroyer, DAT Bootcamp, Chad's Videos Anyway - do you think the 18 on QR is okay? Will most schools accept that?
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    Dat Done!! 9/14/16 22AA, 21TS Breakdown + Study Tips (New study tip for Bio)

    Wow I can't believe it's finally over!! Took the DAT on 9/14/16 and spent the last two months locked in the library and it was totally worth it. I'm a psychology major and just finished my bachelor's in May so I've taken the minimum number of science classes required, so you don't need a heavy...
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    DAT Breakdown- Finally! 6.26.16

    Needed a few days to relax before I posted this- sorry guys. But I definitely stalked a million breakdowns before my actual test, so I just want to do my part to give back! Before I start, I just want to say that all it takes is hard work! I locked myself in my room for a month and a half and...