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    183 on UWSA #1 with 5 weeks dedicated left

    Hey guys, so classes just ended for us this week and I decided to take UWSA #1 just to see where I was at before starting my 5 week dedicated study schedule. I'm a DO student and am wondering if I should even take the USMLE at this point? This was my first practice test, I'm about 30% of the...
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    What is considered "LATE" in submitting secondary applications?

    I just wanted to get others' opinions on when is it considered late to have you file complete for DO programs. I know there's this "rule" to submit secondaries, 2 weeks after receiving the email, but it has been difficult for me to do this due to a full time job. I am trying my best to complete...
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    Is it too late to shadow a DO now and add it on my "Experiences" on my primary application?

    Hi everyone! I am new to SND so sorry if I am doing anything wrong. Just to give a little background information... Currently I am in the middle of doing my secondary applications for DO schools. I submitted my primary application in July but I am still waiting for my college's committee...
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    AACOMAS Experience Section

    I have gone to several Pre-Student Osteopathic Medical Association, Student Osteopathic Medical Association, and Florida Osteopathic Medical Association conference in and out of my state. Should I consider putting these in the experiences section of my application? I'm not really sure where...