dr collins 2015

  1. J

    Dr. Collins PCAT

    I have the 2015 version that is still very new & includes all recent updates! $200 plus shipping
  2. K

    For Sale Dr. Collins PCAT Study Material

    I am selling my 2015 Dr. Collins materials. The entire guide was extremely helpful in preparing for the exam and I took the updated version of the PCAT this past July! It's in great condition with no writing or highlighting. Message me or email me at [email protected] if interested or if...
  3. J

    Dr Collins 2015 version for sale

    I have the 2015-2016 Dr.collins material for sale. I have every single packet still intact. I am a current 1st year pharmacy student so this material obviously works and helps you achieve admission. Reply if interested. Will ship same day! I also have 3 huge Kaplan practice books that I can...
  4. arashemu

    For Sale Dr. collins Self Study Guide 2015

    I am selling the 2015 Dr. Collins Study guide + 3 full Pearson tests . please email me if you are interested. [email protected]
  5. K

    Dr. Collins PCAT 2015

    Selling 2015 Dr. Collins PCAT prep materials. No markings. Message me if interested! Or email [email protected]
  6. V

    PCAT study material for sale Includind Dr Collins

    I'm selling all my pcat study material Dr Collins updated till 2015 KaPlans Pcat 2014-2015 And Cracking The Pcat you name the price, highs bidder by May 5th gets it. If you include shipping address I can give you a good faith estimate on shipping of maybe even include it for free depending on...
  7. M

    For Sale PCAT Success kit: 2015 Dr Collins PCAT guide / 2015 PCAT Destroyer / 2015 Pearson Tests - $200

    No marks or writing on anything. I paid over $400+ for these. 2015-2016 Dr Collins PCAT guide w/ updates (newest edition as of March 2015) 2015-2016 PCAT Destroyer (purchased January 2015) 2015 Pearson Tests (purchased January 2015) If interested in anything or have any questions email me...
  8. V

    PCAT study material for sale

    For sale DR. Collins updated to 2015 Kaplan PCAT 2014-2015 The Princeton Review Cracking the PCAT If interested: PM Email me [email protected]
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    For Sale DR COLLINS 2015 ,cheap!!!!!

    Selling my Dr. Collins with minimal writing ,2015 for $135 . Willing to bargain, reply or send me a message thanks
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    Using only the materials below, I scored the following: - 98 composite - 98 Chemistry - 97 Biology - 88 Quant. - 96 Verbal - 92 Reading Comprehension - 4/6 Essay 2015 Dr. Collins Complete Study Guide for sale: - no markings (if there are, they would be very lightly in pencil) - organized in...
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    SELLING PCAT MATERIALS *need to go asap*

    Hello everyone! These materials helped me score very well on the PCAT exam and are some of the best practice materials out there. Genuinely, I can say that my high score is credited to these materials. I am selling the following: 2015 Dr. Collins Review 2015 PCAT Destroyer 2015 Pearson Practice...