1. G

    Selling Most updated 2016 Dr.Collins + 2017 Kaplan PCAT book

    FULL set inluding study guides and answer keys, no markings or tears! Please message me if interested!
  2. T

    Selling Dr. Collins and Kaplan

    Hi there, Just took my PCAT today I am selling Dr. Collins with the July 2016 updates and I also have the Kaplan 15-16 book as well. Please email me with any questions you have and we can talk about pricing as well :) [email protected]
  3. A

    Selling dr collins pcat 2015

    It is unused and in perfect condition, I bought it a year ago but decided to change majors. If you're interested, email me at [email protected] Bought it for $399.99, make me a good deal please.
  4. I


    Hi, I just took the PCAT and I'm selling my Dr. Collins material for $140 free priority shipping. I am also willing to give you some advice in my best parts 91 chem, 90bio, 88math. The others I did good but not so great on because I didn't put much effort into them.
  5. O

    For Sale Dr. Collins 2015 updates

    To all the PCAT takers, I just took my PCAT on Wednesday and I was amazed about my score at my first attempt. I only used the updated Dr. Collins and the official PCAT practice test. If you want to excel then it is a must to get these materials!!! Although I had other PCAT books but I never read...
  6. LotusMarks

    For Sale Dr. Collins Self-Study Guide (2015)

    Hello, just completed my PCAT exam and no longer need my prep material :)! Asking for about $100, paid $375 for the material on Collins' website. There are no writing or marks in any of my material. This is the latest 2015 edition with updates. Email me if you have questions...