For Sale Dr. Collins 2015 updates

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Aug 24, 2015
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To all the PCAT takers, I just took my PCAT on Wednesday and I was amazed about my score at my first attempt. I only used the updated Dr. Collins and the official PCAT practice test. If you want to excel then it is a must to get these materials!!! Although I had other PCAT books but I never read all of them because the information covered in the books were too much to even know.

About my exam: note on the biology part, I had two questions about Evolution. One about Founder's effect and the other about calculating heterozygotes in hardy Weinberg. Even if I was not expecting it because I was told that there would be no evolution in the exam, I was still able to answer these questions correctly because I had evolution last semester and still pulled up a 91 in this section. Not that I did not leave any questions in any section unanswered even if I assumed that the passage questions were experimental. In general, If you have taken most of the pre-requisite classes. Then you should be able to do well.

My Advice: start studying the Dr. Collins material now. Do it over and over again, Everything!! (yes the whole package is huge) and the same goes for the official practice test. I would invest in buying these materials and not worry about the cost because getting in to a good pharmacy school is more important. I have all my study materials available for sale or those of you that are interested. I have the updated Dr. Collins, the official practice exam, kaplan book, Princeton review, Master the pcat and Mcgraw hill all for sale. If you are interested in buying any please PM me for details.
The exam was not that bad overall, just relax and take the test with confidence :)

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Hey everyone, im also selling my 2015 dr.collin updates! They are amazing for studying! I got the same great results, email me or message me on here if anyone is interested!