1. N

    Can't Drill

  2. C

    how to not hit the adjacent tooth while doing distal preps

    I struggle with hitting the adjacent tooth when doing distal preps such as #3 or #14 DO's or slot boxes. I usually wedge with a blue wedge and use a titanium matrix band or fold my tofflemire band into 4 and stick it to protect the adjacent tooth (a D3 told me to do that). Although this...
  3. cye0216

    Army Reservist applying for medical school

    I am currently drilling as a reservist. My contract is up in 2020 then I will be IRR. I am planning on applying for medical schools in 2017, and hopefully get accepted to start in 2018. What should I do when I have to drill while going to medical school? I have considered HPSP, USUHS, but...
  4. N

    Tips for drilling/Indirect Vision?

    It's been a semester and I still feel like I'm lousy with drilling using indirect vision. My dental school packs our schedule and don't give you extra time to practice other than the two sessions each week. They don't give you helpful tips on how to drill properly, and just say 'Use your mirror...