drug and alcohol rehabilitation

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    In Need of Advice

    Ok so I will be very honest in this. Since the beginning of high school I have said that I have wanted to become a doctor. Since then I have spent two years on Ski Patrol working with physicians and boosting my confidence as well as my passion. Also since my first year of high school, I have...
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    Sustained Sobriety MS2

    I have met many sober doctors. Most got sober many years into their career practicing medicine. A few got sober during medical school. I have not yet met any who got sober well in advance of enrolling in medical school, so I have not yet met anyone who had to navigate the circumstances wherein I...
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    Coursework & Fieldwork Occupational Therapy in Drug and Alcohol Rehab

    I am doing a research paper on Occupational Therapy in Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers. I am having a hard time finding any recourses and I am wondering if there are any OTs or OTAs on this forum who work in that setting or know of a rehab center that has an OT or OTA working on site...