drug interactions

  1. thethinker

    Wolters Kluwer/lexicomp + other active promos

    I figured this would be a good place to share discounts we've discovered on references pharmacists and students use on a daily basis. Despite having Clinical Pharmacology available to me through my employer, I still subscribe to Lexi-Complete as a person preference. I typically do 3 years at a...
  2. K

    Medication Regimen

    Need some advice. I have this new patient with an interesting medication regimen. This patient takes Effexor Xr (75 mgs), Lamictal (75 mgs), Klonopin (1-2 mgs daily prn), Propranolol (10 mgs prn for anxiety attacks). Had Dx of GAD, MDD, ADD. The patient has a rather large history of...
  3. R

    NAPLEX Study Guide

    Does anyone have a drug interaction study guide or a Common Drug/ look alike sound alike study guide made up that they would be willing to share?
  4. 1

    Tianeptine prior to general anesthesia

    Tianeptine (Stablon, Coaxil) is not available by prescription in the United States or regulated by the FDA. Therefore, it is not a commonly encountered pharmaceutical. Yet internationally it is a controlled substance. However, it is legally available for purchase online. The legality of this is...