dual accreditation

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    FM/EM Dual Program hopeful with low scores...

    I was thinking FM long before med school, I went DO, and realize now that the perfect degree for me would be a dual FM/EM or IM/EM (basically I like EM and FM too much to have to choose btw them- trust me, I've tried). Do I even have a shot? I have all HP and honors, but boards were 496 and 203...
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    COMLEX Level 1 = 496 for ACGME FM?

    Hey guys! Could not find this question answered elsewhere, but I recently got my COMLEX Level 1 results. I got a 496, which was significantly lower than anything I'd gotten previously on COMSAE's, so I was a bit thrown for a loop. I want to do FM, but am most interested in dually accredited...
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    Sorry, posted in incorrect thread. Deleted.