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    Study buddy in Dubai UAE MCAT

    I am looking to study with someone in this region (UAE). If so PM me. Thanks!
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    Dental internship and residency in Dubai

    Hello there! I am a graduate from Saudi Arabia and I was wondering does anyone know about the internship in Dubai ?!! How much interns should pay, Where to start from and what to do ?!! And do they have any residency programs or postgraduate schools in OMFS?! Thank you in advance!!
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    Any US-trained dentists in Dubai

    Hi I was wondering if any US trained/US citizen dentists had gone to work in Dubai and what their experience was like? How to apply to work there, what it's like working there, if it's possible to buy a practice if you're not a UAE citizen, etc. I would really like to move there next year and...
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    Position Wanted Dubai dha and dhca

    Hi guys Im gp n working in Turkey n I'm turk . Do you know how to get residency training in Dubai .. I mean official conditions ielts score ,written exam, oral exam , exam dates etc And what r these dha (Dubai health authority) and dhca ( dubai health care authority) exams ?? What is the...
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    Almost german board pediatrics, need to finish in UAE-HELP

    Hi all, just a short summary of my situation. I have the german citizenship, arab origin and ai finished medical school in germany. I also was going to finish my specialization in pediatrics ( needed 3 more months, but got pregnant). Now i live in UAE- Dubai, does anybody of you have any...