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    UoP Dugoni supplemental

    Hey all! Who else received this e-mail today about a UoP Dugoni supplemental? " Happy New Year! We hope this email finds you and your loved ones well during these unprecedented times. This email serves as notice that your application to the University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School...
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    UC Berkeley vs University of the Pacific 2+3 Accelerated Dental Program

    Hi everyone! I know making this account and being on this website may be a little too ahead of my age (since I'm a senior in high school), but I wanted some feedback and opinions on whether I should attend UC Berkeley College of Chemistry or University of the Pacific 2+3 Accelerated Dental...
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    What does UOP look for in an applicant? Share stats?

    I'm not done with my prereqs yet but I am wondering about rigor of coursework per semester and whether or not online classes are acceptable (not dental school related courses). My major is anthropology so all of the anthro related courses I was hoping to take online or in a hybrid format. That...