1. SSDGM

    Geisel (Dartmouth) vs. U of M Duluth

    Currently trying to get some insight in to my decision between my top two picks (Quinnipiac is still on the table as well, but I am leaning towards Geisel and Duluth at the moment). Geisel: Pros: +M3/M4 rotations in Alaska (my tribal homelands) +prestige/connections (Ivy League) +undergrad...
  2. B

    Study Group Duluth Minnesota or Superior Wisconsin

    Hey everyone, I will be in Duluth, MN or Superior, WI this summer from May to August studying for the MCAT. If you are in this area and also studying, feel free to message me! I love discussing information with other students and having a study buddy is a great way to stay motivated!
  3. R

    North Dakota or Minnesota-Duluth?

    Hello Everyone, Long time reader, first time thread poster. I am fortunate enough to possibly have a choice of medical schools to attend in 2016. I have been accepted to Minnesota-Duluth and I have an interview at North Dakota. I have been trying to find websites that compare these two...