early graduate

  1. Richanesthesiologist

    How feasible is graduating in 3 years and going on to medical school the 4th year.

    I just finished my freshman year. I have no problem finishing my major in 3 years cause I didn't have to take any of my non-science gen. ed courses. Here is my plan: Freshman Year (completed): Bio1/Bio2 lab Chem1/Chem 2 lab, Molecular Genetics Freshman Summer: Study Biology/General Chemistry...
  2. Dr.J.D

    Should I do High School in 3 yrs instead of 4?

    My principals and teachers recommending that I graduate in 3 yrs because I basically have covered the required credits to graduate. I want to go into NYITCOM for their 7 yr program I have a good sat score. Should I do it?