1. G

    How to count hours for ec’s

    Hi! I’m a Canadian pre med, but I’d really hope anyone (us or can) could help me out with this question! On med school applications, do I have to write down the hours for every ec? From volunteering to research to starting clubs? How do you even do that? For things like starting initiatives or...
  2. postponemastudentloan

    What type of EC’s for Med school?

    Hi guys, I wanted to get your advice on what you think standard EC’s (and how many hours) are for MD schools? I’m not sure what all falls under the category of EC’s but this is what I’m doing so far: -working as an LPN -research -volunteering in a hospital because of my clinical experience...
  3. rhmha33

    does this qualify as clinical experience?

    Hi, I have several questions regarding volunteering and medical school admissions. I volunteer at a hospital and my duties include several things that range from answering calls from staff and patients, to helping patients with their needs like if they need a blanket, tissues, etc, and helping...
  4. B

    How are my EC's thus far?

    Applying this upcoming cycle with a cGPA of 3.72. Will be taking the MCAT soon. -500 hours of clinical volunteering in a hospital for research -300 hours of non-clinical research, with an abstract. -Will have ~ 100 hours as a medical scribe by the time I submit my primary ~ 100 hours of...