effective studying

  1. chicken-n-beer

    Using Anki Well

    I'm currently in a Medical Masters program but I'm beginning to feel overwhelmed. I did well in my first set of exams but I'm becoming increasingly anxious about the second set of exam. It's been suggested that I just focours on lecture slikde and I've been trying to make Anki cards for the...
  2. I

    High MCAT - Unique Strategies?

    Hello there, There is obviously no one good way to make a high MCAT score, and I understand that there are basic principles you need to follow: do your practice exams, study consistently, etc... But I am looking for any specifics that may have helped you understand the "language" that the MCAT...
  3. K

    Time effective studying?

    I know that studying methods need to fit each person specifically, and have explored many this first week, but still find myself feeling as though I'm not using my time as effectively as possible. I work 20 hours a week (able to do some studying here thankfully) and have classes Monday-Thursday...
  4. C

    What were your best study habits? Reset for next semester!

    My 1st semester did not go well and I know my first semester's GPA will affect my medical school chances unless I change my study habits and therefore my overall narrative of pre-med at WashU. In regards to changing study habits, I always ask my peers what they do to study and the typical same...
  5. skifast25

    Netter's Cards High-Yield?

    Hi, I will be matriculating into medical school soon but it has been a long time since undergrad. I am considering brushing up on some simple material and have bought a set of Netter's Cards. Do you think it is worth for me to memorize every feature/structure on each of the cards? Do anatomy...