1. S

    Leave Luminello for Theranest?

    I have an out of network private practice. I've been with Luminello for a long time. Overall, it's been working, but there are some key features they are missing that would be very useful. They include: - text message/phone call appointment reminder to patients - g suite calendar integration...
  2. jonnylingo

    ZDoggMD and EMR

    Any fans of his? This video is spot on. Thoughts?
  3. D

    Community clinics are stuck in a painful wrestling match with electronic medical records

    Here's an article I wrote for the USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism on the challenges of EHRs in community health centers. Community clinics are stuck in a painful wrestling match with electronic medical records
  4. T

    Advertisement RxNT eRx, EHR and PM medical software solutions

    RxNT has been an industry leader in e-Prescribing, Electronic Health Records, and Practice management solutions for 19 years. We offer a range of packages that will fit all specialties and practices, while also offering medical billing solutions for billing companies. Our products and prices can...
  5. S

    Advertisement Medical billing and EHR

    We are a medical billing, consulting, EMR,PM,EHR, support and implementation company located right in the heart of the U.S. With over 12 years in continued medical billing, software and technology solutions, and a history of working with some of the most renowned providers, we’ve been committed...
  6. A

    Technology Health Information Exchange

    Hello. I have some questions about sharing health information between clinics. I am taking a class where we are learning about how humans affect the way healthcare systems are created. We have a project where we need to analyze some kind of healthcare system. My idea is to look at recent...
  7. T

    Free (Giving away) Free OD EMR

    Check out this online interactive tutorial for a free emr made for ods. http://getwell-tutorial.herokuapp.com/users/sign_up It's like the new Assassin's Creed except more fun