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Apr 28, 2016
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Hello. I have some questions about sharing health information between clinics.

I am taking a class where we are learning about how humans affect the way healthcare systems are created. We have a project where we need to analyze some kind of healthcare system. My idea is to look at recent software solutions to help exchange patient information between different clinics.

Some patients need to see various specialists to treat their problems. There is a good chance they will not remember every single test or treatment and it will get harder for each new doctor to figure out what treatment they can do. A patient could ask a doctor to write down their treatments and pass it on to the next physician. However, this brings in the problem that each doctor records things differently and can cause unintended confusion.

With advancing technology, many hospitals already use electronic health records, thus it is easier to transfer information in a standard format (assuming they are able to work within the privacy and security laws). In addition, new devices are constantly being created, such as smart watches with heart rate monitors. Nowadays, there are multiple devices that can automatically store the data, so there is less chance of the user forgetting to record their numbers. With each new advancement, EMRs could possibly contain more than just the information a doctors records at an appointment.

Here are some questions I would like to ask:
1. What kind of system do you use, or know of, that can pass health information to a doctor working at a different location?
2. What are the pros and cons of this system?
3. What kind of information do you look for when learning about a new patient?
4. What do you think about patient's updating their health information between appointments using an automatic device? Would such a system help or hinder an evaluation of a patient's health?
5. Please provide basic demographic information to help with forming results: age, years of experience, medical specialty (ie surgeon, cardiologist, primary care, etc.), type of practice (ie private, small, large) and the type of patients you typically care for.

I will only use this information in the context of this class project. I understand if you have a confidentiality policy and are unable to share this information.

Thank you very much.