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    Excel Sheet with TPR and Kaplan Chapter Cross-Referenced

    Hello SDN Members! This is my very first post (that I started not a reply, that was yesterday)! First of all, I wanted to thank everyone past and present who have posted on these forums. I am "new", in the sense that I have been a quiet observer and have kept my eye on these forums for a long...
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    For Sale MCAT Examkrackers 9th full set & 1001/101 & Hyperlearning Verbal Workbook

    MCAT 2015 Examkrackers full set (9th ed.): new EK 1001 Physics, Chemistry: excellent condition, no marking EK 101 Verval reasoning 2nd ed.: great condition, no marking TPR Hyperlearning MCAT Verbal Workbook: good condition, some highlighting/marking I also have Kaplan MCAT High yield problem...
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    MCAT Books for sale - all companies

    EK MCAT Practice Tests Books 2016 version. 85 for whole bundle not including shipping. Also have Sterling, Next Step, & The Princeton Review.
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    EK MCAT Books for Sale

    EK MCAT Practice Tests 2016 version. 85 for whole bundle not including shipping. Also have Sterling, Next Step, & The Princeton Review.
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    For Sale MCAT Prep Material - Kaplan, Examkrackers, AAMC Flashcards

    Selling 2 sets of MCAT prep materials and Official AAMC Flashcards - a few of the books are never used, the rest are gently used with only pencil writing for practice questions/exams (if any). Examkrackers may have text corrections in pen based off the official EK corrections guide, original...
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    For Sale Selling TBR 2015 set, Examkrackers set, TPR Psych/Soc

    No markings/highlighting. I bought everything brand new and took good care of them. Took it in June, pretty solid score - 95 percentile. Feel free to PM me. I'm selling: -2015 TBR science books (8 books total - Bio I & II, O Chem I & II, Gen Chem I & II, Physics I & II) -9th ed Examkrackers...
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    MCAT Prep Materials Question (EK + KA)

    Hey everyone, I see that a lot of you incorporate more than one prep company in your MCAT Prep schedule but I'm curious as to how much that is really needed. So my question is, do you all think EK 9th edition set + KA videos are sufficient enough to get a score of 504-510 on the new MCAT? I...
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    Looking for some advice on content review

    I have read everything I found including the reddit sidebar and searching here and r/mcat. Just wanted some advice. I have the following resources: Updated EK Full Set TPR Full set, first set that came out with updates ( I think they updated again, but don't think that its updated enough to...
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    Entire Examkrakers Set for sale

    Selling entire Examkracker set (pre-2015) for $90 including shipping! PM me if interested! :)