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Apr 14, 2017
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Hello SDN Members!

This is my very first post (that I started not a reply, that was yesterday)!

First of all, I wanted to thank everyone past and present who have posted on these forums. I am "new", in the sense that I have been a quiet observer and have kept my eye on these forums for a long time.

Secondly, I want to thank those of you who have decided to help me out by at least reading this post!

Earlier, about a year ago, I stumbled upon several excel documents. In fact, three years ago when the new MCAT was first announced (or at least when the news reached the incoming freshman), there was an excel document for the different topics on the MCAT, whether it was on the old MCAT, and what fields (ie. BC, OC, GC) they belong to. I have located that excel file (which I can post when I get my flashdrive (oh where art thou flashy!)

Now, after some background, I have found a google excel file ( ) that cross-references the Kaplan, EK, TBR, and Khan Academy. Love it, its awesome. BUT, where is the TPR?

I currently own Kaplan, have a copy of EK, and obviously Khan Academy. BUT, I do not currently own TPR. I do not want advice on why I am getting TPR when I have kaplan or get TBR (which I will also be getting!), what I want is to ask for help to help the community here on SDN).

It might be beneficial, even for those of us who do not have all of the available resources, to see what chapters from different books correspond to each other. So, I have not done anything here, all I have done is begun a thread to add onto what these guys (I believe it was neur_onymous {sorry bad spelling!}) started. My request is that since I do not have TPR with me or at all, if anyone who has TPR would be willing to either fill out this copy or make their own with the above google spreadsheet (download as an excel file), that would be great!

I do realize that this post might not be in the right area, yes I realize that there are specific posts here, but I am still learning and so if this post needs to be moved anywhere, that is fine by me!