electronic medical records

  1. Joshdoc

    Fun Topic: Vaccine History in EMR

    When you are looking at a patient's chart in an EMR, is the patient's history of vaccines pretty straightforward to you? Or do you need to spend 5 minutes or more calculating what vaccines they have received (ie to avoid counting duplicates, ect)?
  2. J

    Data completeness in healthcare

    My research interests are data quality in healthcare and focus on data completeness in electronic medical records (EMRs). I am conducting a research project concerning factors influencing data completeness in EMRs, relationships between these factors, and methods to achieve data completeness in...
  3. T

    Free (Giving away) Free OD EMR

    Check out this online interactive tutorial for a free emr made for ods. http://getwell-tutorial.herokuapp.com/users/sign_up It's like the new Assassin's Creed except more fun