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    Selling My Microsoft Surface Pro (2017 like new condition)

    Selling my Surface Pro with Intel core i5, 256gb storage and 8gb of RAM. Also included is the premium keyboard case with Alcantara in cobalt blue, the new surface pen in platinum and the surface dock. The keyboard and pen accessories are both back ordered from Microsoft. Everything is in perfect...
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    Emailing Transcripts to AACOMAS

    Hi everyone! I just had a quick question about sending AACOMAS transcripts electronically! When I try to send transcripts electronically from Parchment, it asks what email to send it to. I've been looking all over but can't seem to find it so I was wondering if anyone knew what email address to...
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    Recommended Supplies & Note-taking/Studying Method for PT School?

    Hello everyone! I've recently been accepted into PT school and was wondering what any current PT students would recommend in terms of supplies they found useful, as well as how they took notes in and out of class? I am planning on getting a 2 inch binder to hold printed powerpoint slides for...