emergency management

  1. D

    Pre-Med Education in Trauma Counseling or Disaster Medicine

    Thanks for Reading! A little bit of Background: I'm an EMT, and I want to eventually be an ER Physician. In December 2018 I'll have a BS in Behavioral Health Psychology, and in December 2020 I'll have a BS in Nursing. The way my BSN is structured, I have a significant amount of space left over...
  2. Noisewater-TDX

    Mass casualty training?

    Does your school do any formal mass casualty training? I know here at LU we have the option to go to a mock events, but is there really any good way to prepare for something like what happened in Las Vegas last night? I've only every been in the ER as a nurse with a "mass event" where we had 6...
  3. SD.Surgery

    Boston University Healthcare Emergency Management Masters???

    Hello Everyone, Does anyone know about the BU M.S. HEM program? Healthcare Emergency Management | Boston University If you are in or have graduated the program, can you please let me know? I am going to take a gap year/application year after my senior year. I am looking into either doing this...