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  1. LindaAccepted

    Medical Endocrinologist, Writer, and Bollywood Critic Tells Her Story [Episode 280]

    Interview with Dr. Farah Naz Khan, Endocrinology Fellow at Emory University School of Medicine [Show Summary] Dr. Farah Naz Khan is not only a physician, but also an engineer and Bollywood expert. Listen in as she shares why she started with an engineering degree before going on to be a doctor...
  2. N

    July 2018

  3. S

    MPH Columbia vs BU vs Emory MPH

    Hello! I am at a difficult choice in choosing MPH programs in Fall 2017. About me: I want to get into the business side of healthcare, but have research and quantitative skills. I want to get into healthcare consulting after graduating with my MPH. I am currently deciding between BU's MPH in...
  4. B

    Emory DPT 2016 Applicants

    Hey guys! Anybody want to share their stats from their application to Emory's DPT Program and has anybody gotten an invitation for an interview? Here are mine: Major: Kinesiology, University of Alabama at Birmingham Minor: Spanish Overal GPA: 3.76 Pre-req: 4.0 GRE: 301 Observation Hours: 70...
  5. L

    Admission Forum for Interested Pre-med & Pre-DO students (July 21, 2016)

    Hi everyone, SOWEGA-AHEC is hosting a free webinar for students interested in applying to medical school in the state of GA. All 5 medical schools (including the PCOM- DO) will be represented in this. Feel free to register for the webinar (see attached flyer for link) or if you're in the...
  6. snowy_owl

    MPH Emory Global Health vs. GW Maternal and Child Health

    Hi everyone! I'm trying to decide between pursuing my MPH at Emory in Global Health (with a concentration in Reproductive Health and Population Studies) or at George Washington in Maternal and Child Health. I'm having trouble deciding because Emory is higher ranked (top 10 - nice) and has...
  7. A

    Emory vs. UT Houston (Dallas campus)

    Hi, first time poster here. I find this site very helpful, and would appreciate some needed advice. I received admission into Emory's BSHE MPH program as well as UT Houston's custom MPH program at their Dallas campus, and I don't know which one to pick. I went to Emory for my undergrad, and...
  8. D

    Clean Room for Rent in Decatur

    Clean room for rent in 2/1 house. I'm an Emory grad working in Midtown Atlanta. I have two dogs- a 1 yr old Goldendoodle and a 9 yr old schnauzer. The room is currently rented and will be available weekend of June 10th. Rent is $550/month utilities included (gas,water,power,internet). The room...
  9. G

    Renting Grant Park Atlanta-near Grady Hospital

    I've got a semi furnished bedroom/private bathroom in my apartment in Grant Park. I have rented it to 2 different doctors that came to Atlanta on rotations. I generally require 1st month and a security which can be the last month rent if everything goes well. I haven't had any problems thus...