1. slowthai

    Indoctrination in Medicine

    I was curious. Most fields that require very intense amounts of training require some form of indoctrination or programming. I assume that's true for the field of medicine. What are some examples of this? As a result of being molded into an instrument of death, (I meant healing, I joke) I've...
  2. TruthSpeaker01

    Smug and Condescending

    It really bothers me how some med students or residents are when they address aspiring med students in these forums who have below average GPAs because of whatever reason, but are sincere about turning their fortunes around by being more academically inclined , doing post-baccs and SMP's, doing...
  3. F

    Piaget's Theory of Mind

    I have found many inconsistencies regarding the development of a ToM and empathy, and the loss of egocentric thought. The inconsistencies are primarily regarding the stages to which Piaget attributes these phenomena. Does Piaget believe that children develop ToM during the preoperational stage...