endo residency

  1. J

    Endodontics residency info

    Good afternoon all, Currently in the process of applying to endo residency. Was wondering if anyone has made an excel sheet or organized document with the different programs and their unique attributes (tuition, application due dates, need to purchase a microscope, on call reqs, etc.). Looking...
  2. C

    HELP PLS! Endo residency question

    Hi all, Thank you for taking the time to read and answer this thread! I am a 3rd year dental student at Case western. I am interested in applying to an endo residency; however, would prefer to apply w/o the ADAT. I’m not a strong “standardized test taker” if you will, but my grades and school...
  3. S

    Specializing after working as GP

    If I have been practicing as a GP for several years after dental school but decide that I want go back to specialize in endodontics, where / how would I get 3 letters of recommendation? I had no interest in specializing while in dental school, and so I never participated in research or built...
  4. D

    Direct admission into Endodontics residency possible? should I apply?

    Hi, I am currently a DS3 in dental school, and I am wondering if it is worth trying to apply to Endo Residency this upcoming cycle. If I am top 15%, have research experience, have leadership positions, and a part of various professional orgs, work... do I have a chance? Where I am lacking is...
  5. ayed22

    D4 with 350K D-school Loans + Endo debt

    Finishing dental school with about $350k in loans (after interest). I was fortunate enough to also get into endo as a D4, but that will add another $220k in loans. It's a few months before the program starts and I am stating to get cold feet due to the cost. What would you do if you were in my...
  6. N

    Question for current Endo Residents and Endodontists

    For those of us starting Endo residencies next year, is there anything that you recommend we do to prepare? Is there anything you wish you had done or known before starting residency? Also, how necessary is it to have loupes? Do you ever use them as opposed to microscopes?
  7. ayed22

    Is the ADAT necessary for Endo?

    I'm a current D3 planning on applying this coming cycle. All of the schools I plan on applying to have it listed as "optional" so I am contemplating whether or not I should take it. How big of a role do you think the ADAT plays? What are your thoughts on taking it versus not taking it?
  8. J

    ADAT Knockout vs Crack the ADAT??

    Looking to take the ADAT this semester, but I keep seeing conflicting opinions about different studying materials. Anyone have any advice regarding ADAT knockout or crack the ADAT? Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated!
  9. L

    Why does it seem like majority of general dentist/dental students stay away from learning molar root canal?

    This question is coming from a DH that is pursuing dental school (hopefully starting dental school in 2021) so please excuse my ignorance when it comes to actually performing a molar root canal. I work with a GP who rarely refers root canals out and does molar rcts in ~30 mins. It’s taken him 25...
  10. M

    GPR/AEGD Programs in AZ/CO

    Anyone know about the GPR/AEGD programs in AZ or CO? Looking to apply to these two states. Arizona seems to only be LMC AEGD programs without specific details about the individual programs. Colorado seems to have some good programs such as the dental school and the VA. Looking for more specific...
  11. E

    Applying for Endodontic Residency with a Significant Other

    Hello all I am considering applying for an endodontics residency. The lack of endo's participation in match can make this very challenging and often requires applicants to make quick, life-changing decisions with little notice. As a planner, this bothers me. Anyways, my question boils down to...