1. M

    Chances for Optometry School

    So my current cumulative GPA is a 3.2 and I'm graduating the upcoming spring. I plan on taking a gap year and applying to optometry schools next year so I hopefully start in the fall of 2018. I haven't taken my OAT yet, but given this GPA, what are my chances of being competitive? I believe my...
  2. B

    Any schools offer Scholarships based on MCAT

    Hello Everyone, I took the MCAT in August and got a 521 (99%). I am a canadian and US citizen. I am in the demographic where myself/my family make enough to not qualify me for bursaries but not really enough to pay for school... Are there any medical schools in Canada and US that give...
  3. M

    Personal Statement Review Services

    I am offering help with personal statements for a really cheap price ($25/essay). My writing has gotten me into medical school and also to a number of top MPH programs in the U.S. PM me if interested, and we can set something up!
  4. DrHalsey

    Best date to take the MCAT in 2016

    I am finishing up my Biochemistry/Molecular Biology hybrid class and I should walk out with a B. I will be taking an upper level Microbiology class next spring. Once those are complete I will be 1 semester away from graduation. My question is this: I plan to study practice questions throughout...