1. B

    Is this considered “Other Science” for AADSAS

    Hi I just have a quick question. Would “Wetland Environments” be considered an “other science“ course. It’s in the Department of Geosciences. Based off this list (https://www.adea.org/uploadedFiles/GoDental/The_Application_to_Dental_School_ADEA_AADSAS/ADEAAADSASCourseSubjects2018.pdf) Geology...
  2. R

    "Easy" science classes looked down upon??

    Hi everyone! I was talking to my advisor today about how since I have the space in my schedule, I would like to take classes in the sciences that a biology major wouldn't take, just because they interest me. I told her I wanted to take intro to environment, astronomy, Jurassic physics, Etc...
  3. skcolley

    Lack of Direct Public Health Experience?

    Hi everyone, I'm considering applying for MPH programs for the Fall 2018 cycle and have a few questions as someone brand new to the field of public health. After reading through countless pages of the "Accepted/Rejected" threads, I'm extremely concerned my lack of volunteer/research directly...
  4. A

    Environmental Toxicology Interest

    Hi Everyone! While researching various vet schools (specifically DVM/PhD prgrams) I am trying find programs that offer electives and research opportunities in environmental toxicology. I know that UIUC excells in this area, but I was wondering if you guys had any other specific suggestions for...
  5. L

    Some questions about Preventive/Preventative Medicine?

    First post woo! Hi everyone, I'm currently a junior undergrad trying to figure out some details about what preventive medicine is. I want to help people on a larger scale(local-national level?) and I also want to retain the ability to treat people directly (main reason for becoming a physician)...