1. P

    Physics on OAT

    How is the physics section? Is it optics heavy? Do we really need to know all of the equations, or are the basic ones most important. I think chad's videos are very mcat oriented. Is all of that covered on the exam? Are destroyers a more accurate representation of the OAT? Sorry for all the...
  2. R

    BCPS- equations and lab values???

    any word out on whether lab values will be provided on the exam vs needed to be memorized? And what about equations? The BCS website lists "pharmacokinetics" as an area of testing but that's PRETTY BROAD! Trying to avoid wasting time doing a bunch of Pk equation and lab values flash cards if...
  3. Panis et Circenses

    MCAT Physics Equations

    So I'm just wondering to what extent you need to memorize all the physics equations. I'm about halfway done with studying for physics and I have about 30 equations already. Do you need to know every equation, and every detail of it? Do passages provide equations at all? I'm just wondering if...