1. T

    NS FL 1 C/P 47

    What is the relationship between Keq and Ka? I don't understand why A is the answer to this question. Thanks in advance!
  2. DMikes

    Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium

    Is one of the assumptions "No net migration" or "No migration." Destroyer is saying no net migration, but bootcamp is saying no migration. This seems like an important distinction, with conflicting sources all over the place. Any thoughts?
  3. F

    gibbs free energy at equilibrium

    On a practice test I encountered a solution to a question that stated: "At EQ, G = zero"... But I believe this is wrong... Isn't EQ the point at which dG is at its lowest (and the pt at which S is at its highest)? By virtue of the equation, dG = -RTlnK, dG is only equal to zero when K = 1...