1. D

    LOR Trouble

    I submitted AACOMAS the other day and I listed my letter evaluators. If one decides to ghost me since I haven't heard back from her i'm under the impression I cannot remove the evaluator from my application. How should I proceed if that's the case? Do I call the school and explain that they will...
  2. Y

    Virtual Evals Question

    Hi there, I received an email this past Friday that the PreHealth committee at my undergraduate sent in my evaluations through Virtual Evals. As their destination, they have put: AAMC/AAMCAS. I'm a little confused. Will I get notification from AAMCAS that they have received my letter and then...
  3. T

    Do evaluators have access to your optomCAS application?

    Hey all! Out of curiosity, does anyone know if evaluators/people who will submit your letter of rec have access to your OptomCAS application in full? Like, your transcript and all grades of repeated courses and whatnot? I know that OptomCAS send out links to an online evaluation portal but I'm...
  4. gavinator

    Submitting primary without letters?!

    Asking for a friend- So I've almost completed my primary application but my health advisor told me that not having any letters submitted through AACOMAS will negatively affect my chances of getting secondaries. However, I won't have my DO letter until the end of the summer (around July) and...